Who Is Northeast Rush?

Northeast Rush is a leading youth soccer organization serving communities throughout New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. Our programs provide players of all levels an equal opportunity to explore their potential and pursue developmental experiences, both on and off the field. Northeast Rush represents over 2,000 youth soccer players, pro-am adult teams, an international academy, and multiple annual soccer events.


Our Northeast Rush mission is being a part of a global brand that is committed to providing an unparalleled soccer experience:

New York State West Champions Conference soccer players







Our aim is to partner with like-minded clubs creating an enormous player base where elite players eventually feed into a Rush professional team representing one of the most recognized brands in the world.

Each partner must desire to become number one in their respective territories.  As we continue to establish Rush Branch Chapters throughout the world, we will eventually create an enormous pyramid-type structure with a professional team at the pinnacle and several second-tier feeder professional teams below. The international organizational benefits expected through the affiliation of multiple clubs represent a significant step in creating a club association that will be one of kind. The expansion plan will result in a projected membership base of 100,000 and a projected $100 million budget.

The Thruway League youth soccer players

The potential for opportunities with Rush is enormous: a minor league system with a professional team, a national coach and player development network, a sharing of intellectual property rights, and a monumental membership base. In addition, we can apply economies of scale in multiple ways such as purchasing bulk uniforms and spreading advertising and coaching education over a greater range of markets. We can also exploit our size by presenting businesses with the opportunity for substantial marketing impressions through corporate sponsorship agreements. To achieve all of our goals, it is paramount we attract exceptional individuals with the same vision.

Core Values

Our values make up who we are. These are words to we live by to be our best, day in and day out.

  • Accountability

    Be accountable for your actions and hold others accountable for their actions. Who am I ultimately accountable to, and who judges my work?

  • Advice

    Seek out advice and aspire to be the best. In order to learn, we must be open to learning and consider the advice of others. Are you coachable?

  • Empathy

    Empathy is at the core of solid relationships.

  • Enjoyment

    Enjoy your work; this is a gift. The desires of happy, diligent workers are satisfied.

  • Humility

    Apologize when you make a mistake. Forgive others and do not look back.

  • Leadership

    Leaders strive to be trustworthy, honest and sincere. They possess traits such as integrity and honor. They are willing to serve others and sacrifice their own interests. Leaders are constructive and hardworking.

  • Passion

    Passion always trusts, always hopes, and always perseveres. Passion never falls.

  • Respect

    Respect everyone. Respect the opponent, rules, colleagues, superiors and subordinates. Be thoughtful and considerate.

  • Safety

    Our environment is safe. This includes the office, our travels, the fields and our bodies. Safety is not only physical safety from harm, but safety from ridicule and attack. We are comforted and encouraged in the club, We portray self-control and kindness to our staff, colleagues and players.

  • Tenacity

    To be successful, persevere. Persevere but do not be anxious. Fear no one. Be strong and courageous. Work when no one is looking, even when the circumstances are difficult and everyone else quits. Diligence never loses because it never quits.

    Out-work your opponent, and most importantly, work smart. Do not wait for external inspiration. The people who go far do so because they motivate themselves and give life their best, regardless of how they feel.

  • Unity

    Together all things are possible. When your teammates are down, bear each other’s burden; conversely, celebrate your teammates’ successes.

Our Community

You can find Northeast rush in the New York, Massachusetts & Connecticut States!



We desire to become the premier soccer club in the Northeast, with an unrivalled player pathway giving players at any level opportunities to grow and develop.

Norhteast Rush Pathway 23_24


Northeast Rush enters our teams into the elite level leagues and tournaments within each respective state. We strive to provide the very best environment for our players to develop, compete, and excel against the highest level of competition.

New York Rush


Northeast Rush’s player-centered approach, backed with a national-level program and elite-level coaching, provides a positive playing and learning environment that fosters long-term player development and personal growth.