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Northeast Rush’s player-centered approach, backed with a national-level program and elite-level coaching, provides a positive playing and learning environment that fosters long-term player development and personal growth. We strive to provide our players with the highest quality soccer training and development in America.  Rush provides top-quality opportunities for players at all levels. The club employs talented full-time and part-time coaching staff with vast experience of the youth soccer landscape in the Northeast and across the US. The quality of coaching is a major factor in the playing success of the club.


Northeast Rush is comprised of Rush clubs in CT, MA and NY.

Youth Soccer Club

Our youth soccer players actively participate in national tournaments, showcasing talent and commitment to the sport on a broader stage. Through training and competitive local leagues, our skilled players earn the opportunity to represent our club in both domestic and international events.

The experience gained from these events contributes significantly to the players' overall development, helping them grow both as individuals and as valuable assets to the future of soccer within our community.

View our calendar of up-coming events and get in touch with us for further details.

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Schedule of events

The following schedule of events is for Northeast Rush player selections, split by 2012-2010 and 2009+ age groups. Any 2011s that are in high school during the Fall of 2023 will not be able to participate until the December training date.

All international trips are supported by our official tour partner BRAVO SPORTS TOURS.

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