United Women’s Soccer League

About United Women’s Soccer League

United Women’s Soccer League

Operating in the United States and Canada, United Women’s Soccer (UWS) is a national pro-am league that consists of professionally operated clubs. UWS offers high-level competitive games for college players, hopeful and former professional players, and international players. The UWS pathway is available for Northeast Rush players in Connecticut East and West, Massachusetts Central, and New York's Albany branch.

Inaugurated in 2020, UWS League Two is a developmental pathway for U20 and U23 players that feeds into the main league, UWS. UWS League Two allows new clubs to introduce players to the standards-driven pro-am league. It can also serve as a potential pathway to joining the UWS First Team.

Both leagues seek to attain equality in opportunities for women's soccer by filling the wide gap that separates women's college and professional soccer. By offering amateur players a potential pathway to professional soccer, the UWS helps fill that gap.

The playoff season follows a bracket system, with the top seeds in the East (Patriot and Union brackets), Central, Southwest, and West conferences meeting in semifinal and championship playoffs. The conference champions meet in the UWS finals, culminating in the UWS National Championship Game.

UWS's vision is "to become the preeminent pro-am women’s soccer league in North America." USW states that its mission is "to advance women’s soccer by operating a standards-driven league in partnership with our member teams."