US Youth Soccer League

About US Youth Soccer

US Youth Soccer is the country's largest youth sports organization, registering close to 3 million players each year. Affiliated with US Soccer, USYS provides resources, programming, and leadership for players, coaches, volunteers, and administrators.

Northeast Rush’s New York teams get the opportunity to play on a regional level, gaining valuable experience from accessing the benefits of external leagues. Players can gain access to coaching and other valuable resources that help them develop and advance in their skills. Players’ knowledge and skills can be enhanced from the younger age groups all the way through their youth soccer careers.

Players who have their sights set on playing soccer at a professional level have the potential to be scouted and talent-spotted on a regional or national scale.

USYS offers resources for players, parents, and coaches that include physical and mental health, concussion awareness, hydration and nutrition information, and injury prevention and recovery.

The USYS Players' Bill of Rights underscores its commitment to the children and families who entrust their well-being to the organization. Through its Players' Bill of Rights, USYS pledges to offer the following to its players:

  1. To play soccer
  2. To play in safe and healthy environments
  3. To learn from qualified coaches and leaders
  4. To participate within developmentally appropriate play
  5. To have a voice
  6. To have an equal opportunity for personal growth
  7. To be treated with dignity
  8. To have fun

USYS supports the values of good sportsmanship, respect, personal safety, and friendship. The league emphasizes that the players are to be "treated as young people first, athletes second."